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The truth about the Ultimate Fighter

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I Think The US team was horribly put together. I would have loved to see a Mexican American on the show. I would have liked to see a more diverse in races on the American team. Is it me or are team is mostly White. I would really like to see how they picked this American Team because this team lacks Talent and cultural diversity which in my opinion is what a American team should have alot of.


I don't agree at all


Team USA doesn't lack talent at all. Just because the UK team is winning doesn't me the US team is weak, it just means the UK team is stronger. Richie, DaMarques, Mark, Jason Dent, and Dollar are very good fighters on the US side. As for the diversity, of course I would be nice to have some others ethnicitys represented but its just how it turned out this year. They UK team is the same way, right? Not everything has to be so PC all the time and I really don't read anything into there not being more diversity in the house other than fewer tried out this year than others and thus fewer made the team.

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