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Bisping = BJ Penn

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Depends... In real combat I have the Brown Belt...


In forum trash talk... JJW has increased his stock' date=' but Hizo is the mouthiest...[/quote']


aww my bestest fan :D




anyways it seems that when its a fight BJ needs to take serious he loses.... BJ vs Pulver 1.. BJ came in as the favorite and got pounded on for the last 15 minutes of the fight... BJ vs GSP 1... BJ started out good thought he had it in the bag slacked off and got pounded the last 2 rounds... BJ vs Hughes 2... thought Hughes was a push over gassed and got pounded till herb stopped it... BJ vs GSP 2... came in got kissed by someone even uglier then Jits then got pounded till his big brother saved him from another round of **** whoopin...



every time BJ should take a fight serious because its got major ramifications he loses...

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