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Bisping Vs Johnson

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Dan was making a point about people trying to be tough on the internet. The guy you are talking about was running his mouth about Dan. The moral of the story was be careful what you ask for. It is about a personal attack on a fighter that was taking the time to post on the forum. If Bisping were posting here' date=' he would then be a member and subject to the same respect as the others.

The comment you made to Dan was something different then that. It was something about Seth if I remember correctly. Then after I told Dan not to worry about you, you had some words about me as well. You love to stir the pot, and that is fine. I do not like you, you do not like me. Post all you like. But there will be no pics posted of other forum members, and other members will not say some of the things they did about you. Not here.[/quote']


Judging by some of the posts on here, me thinks Bisping is a member;););)

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