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Muay Thai Camp Spotlight: Koh Tao Island Muay Thai

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Some of you may have been following the section of my blog which is dedicated to giving exposure to the various Muay Thai camps in Thailand. I've been trying to mix in the bigger camps like Lanna, Tiger, and Jitti with smaller camps like Phuket Dragon, and also this months feature camp, Koh Tao Island Muay Thai. There are a lot of things that make this camp unique. Here's a link to the article: Camp Spotlight: Koh Tao Island Muay Thai



Also, I have some other exciting news, in July I am headed to Las Vegas to train with Master Toddy for a week at his academy out there. This is the same timing as the UFC Fan Expo, so I will also be checking that out and have some articles, posts, photos and videos of my experience out there.


In August, I am headed to Orlando to train at Gracie Orlando for a week. This is the school that Shaquille O'Neal trains at, and his trainer Jonathan Burke was previously on ESPN discussing Shaq's MMA training. I'll be training directly with Jonathan Burke, and I am excited about that, so stay tuned.




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