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Jake Sheilds vs "Mayhem? Miller in the works


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Mayhem Monkeys unite! Your leader will grace the Strikeforce cage; it?s just a matter of when.


A bout pitting Jason ?Mayhem? Miller against Jake Shields for the Strikeforce interim middleweight championship is set. The question remaining is when it will take place.


?That's a fight that will happen, but it's up to Strikeforce and Showtime when it will happen,? Miller?s manager Ryan Parsons told MMAWeekly.com in confirming the bout.


News of the bout first leaked in a forum post by Miller on Monday.


Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has publicly stated that the most likely scenario for his promotion?s next major events is one in October and another in December. But with the promotion still working to nail down the details, Parsons said he hadn?t yet been told when the fight would happen.


Strikeforce heads to Oklahoma on Sept. 25 for the next edition of its Strikeforce Challengers series, which is a feeder show for the promotion?s premier events.


Current middleweight champion Cung Le (6-0) has been on a self-imposed respite from fighting since defeating Frank Shamrock for the belt in March of 2008. He has been working on a burgeoning movie career. With no definitive timetable for his first defense in sight, the promotion chose to determine an interim titleholder.


Shields (23-4-1), currently one of the top five welterweight fighters in the world, established himself as a Strikeforce middleweight contender by defeating highly regarded 185-pounder Robbie Lawler earlier this year.


On loan from Dream, Miller (22-6) is easy to slot in as an immediate contender for Strikeforce. He has held the ICON Sport middleweight title and contended for the Dream middleweight strap.


Shields declined to discuss the bout.

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Now onto the Shields / Miller fight:


Personally I think this will be a very good match up. Both prefer the ground and Shields has an impressive background in Greco Roman wrestling from college (was a 2 time all American wrestler at his college). Has extensive background in BJJ from the Cesar Gracie camp and in 2007 was finally awarded the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by Cesar Gracie himself. All the while he worked and trained with Chuck Liddell at his kickboxing academy. He has been a lead BJJ and MMA instructor at Fairtex-Gracie school from 2002-2008.


Miller, well there isn?t a whole lot to say about him from a ?What he?s done to train? aspect. You can?t ever tell if he?s speaking sarcasm or the truth. But I believe he knows what he?s doing and understands this act might give him a mental edge against some of his opponents. If that doesn?t he will show you what he does have to offer in the way of submissions. Many hate him for his ?Lack of acting normal?, he?s just having fun at the job he is getting paid to do. This doesn?t affect Jason, only makes him try harder. He obviously doesn?t have the huge background Jake Shields does, but I think we will see a good show.


This is my personal opinion about Mr. Miller: He cares about the fans; the sport, and he wants them to feel happy to have paid some god awful amount for tickets to see their fight. He really does appreciate his fans.


So who will win??????


Shields might squeek by the first round, but Mayhem is submitting him in the second at 2:09. Then he will die his hair while Jake is asleep!


And Shields don?t be scarred!

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