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Love em or Hate em


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Most of these guys are d-bags but for one reason or another I find my self rooting for them everytime they fight. Love em or hate em???


1. Josh Koscheck

2. Nick and Nate Diaz

3. BJ Penn

4. Junie Browning

5. Matt Hughes


Probably some others too.


And then guys I like, like Florian or Jardine I just want to see lose and go hide in a hole somewhere lol

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I don't care much for Florian, but Jardine I like, he's a great fighter.


Since seeing how Junie acts after TUF, I've been pulling for him because he does have potential, and it's just great to see a d-bag change into a decent person. And Hughes I like as a fighter against most people, but he can sometimes b a d-bag. Then Koscheck I just hate, but he does put on a good show normally. I don't care for the Diaz's or Penn though. Penn can be overrated

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Kos is a tool. i like seeing him get his face smashed.


i like Nate Diaz alot. he talks funny. reminds me of some of my boys. Not all that big a fan of Nick.


wasnt a fan of BJ until very recently when i saw his pre-fight comments against Florian & all the ********* things kenny was saying. BJ just laughed it off, it was comical to me too so he gained a fan


& i also like Junie Browning. well my sister & my ex-girl really liked him during the whole UF so i generally became a fan. he's got skills & was misunderstood alittle bit


unlike his little brother. that guy is a flat out f*****. little b**** lol

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I havent seen TUF 1 so I really dont know much about Koscheck so I've always liked him. I"ll have to check out his interviews more often..I didnt realize so many people hate him.


I HATE Matt Hughes- Never ever root for this D-bag.


I didnt like Jardine very much, but after reading and watching a couple of his interviews....I really dont see anything wrong with the guy...I actually like him quite a bit now.


Penn, *sighes*, Penn is sort of a tool sometimes...and other times he seems more mature..The GSP accusations were lame but then he went back on the record and apologized so I dont know. I root for him tho.


Junie and Nick are are just young and speak their mind a little to much...A couple more years and they will be better IMO. But, for some reason I root for them both.

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