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Machida vs. Rua


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Machida has had the patience to not take to many risks in his previous fights and now he has the belt, i feel he will leave it entirely up to shogun to take the risks to catch him. Hopefully we will see an exciting fight, but i got a feeling about a minute and a half into the fight the crowd will start booing. It will come down to patience mostly who will crack under the pressure of the crowd. I cant see it being Machida, i think shogun with start to go for it and machida will do his usual counter strikeing with great effect. We may very well see a first round knock out of shogun. Anything can happen in a fight, at the moment ive got machida for a second round tko of shogun. I cant help but feel it could all end in the first though.


The only scenario that i see shogun winning in is if he baits Machida in and takes him down. The ground game is a different story, it back to an even match down their. Maybe shogun with the sub....... nah still cant see it

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