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Brett Rogers: "I will knock him [Fedor] out"


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Q: Are you ready to fight Fedor on the ground?

A: Yeah, I'm definitely preparing for it. He loves jiu-jitsu, and I mean, jiu-jitsu is good but you have to catch somebody for that. I've definitely been working on getting out of submissions, and most importantly, standing up. It's tough taking somebody down, and [if] you don't succeed in that, it tires you out. So I'm going to shoot for that and keep my weight on him.


Q: If you beat Fedor, that will probably go down as one of the biggest ...

A: I'm God then. I'm the God of MMA. I'll become the God of MMA, right? Isn't that how it goes? I'm the soul snatcher; I'm the grim. I'll take all his wins and put them under my belt, and then everybody can just hush up.


Q: Are you prepared for that?

A: There's no other reason but to fight the best. I don't fight for fun. I fight for the title; I fight for the money, and the respect. That's me, and a lot of folks need to know that. I don't care to just get in and have fun.

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i would love to see brett rogers vs shane carwin. 1) cause i think it'd be a great match-up. and 2) cause i'd love to see if the ufc signed up and comer is better than the 'other org's' up and comer. just for the laugh, i'd love to see rogers knock carwin's nose completely off his face. the time will come when we don't look for ufc to tell us who's the best. just like when the nfl was soo much better than the afl, then namath came in and won. i like big shockers, especially when the big guys are the big bullies. which most definitely applies to the ufc these days.


and i much look forward to a big fight against fedor and rogers and the other good fights on the card. and the whole thing on showtime. and i don't look forward to ufc's laaaame games of counter-promotion. it's counter-productive!! to the sport.

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Strikeforce has nothing to gain on that fight.

If Fedor wins(which he probably will) then the HW divsion is basically dead.

If Fedor lose, then sure, Brett will be a "big name" but Fedor as a superstar will fall down to a level were he cant demand or ask for anything ridiculous anymore like "co-promote" and he will lose many fans, because lets be realistic here;fedors charm is how he is undefeated.

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