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Cains real MMA record?


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Quezcotl is a summon from FF8 aint it?


yeah, "quezacotl" in FF8 but also the Aztec God which they based on, who Cort?z pretended to be a messenger of during 1519-1522.

He was said to have given the people the technology of everything, and was supposed to come back some day...and with gunpowder+ships and weird items like glasses he took advantage of it.

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Dont know much about Rothwell but i hope Cain wins


Rothwell = IFL HW champion.

If Cain win over him... then he is a real contender in the UFC HW-divsion.

Not saying he hasnt proven himself before... but you gotta take down atleast 2-3 "big names" before your a serious threat (anyone can be lucky and win a big fight)

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