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Why are on a ufc site but wanna talk about something else!!!!!!!


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ok, lets do it this way.

let's assume i would like to train mma, and would like to see if anyone can reccomend a good gym in my area. this thread would not belong in the ufc section, it would belong in the OUTSIDE the ufc section. however, it seems i wanna be a part of the action doesn't it?

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Go to other site if u dont wanna get in with the action


The other 2 posters hit it on the head. This section is used for general talk and MMA that is not the UFC..such as Dream, PRIDE(I know its not around anymore)Strikeforce etc.


People in this section have total freedom to speak about whatever is on there mind. If you want MMA talk, find a thread in here dealing with MMA or go to the UFC or WEC sections

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