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Who can couture fight next


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well the commercial advertises at them redeeming themselves for contention reclaimng at the world heavyweight championship.


i would assume this means, if randy's still got lots of fight left in him tonight, he's still got fight left in him. let's find out. i wouldnt count randy out for another good fight if he loses. minotauro is very skilled, and its not like if randy loses, dana would call him 'done' the way he did after the chuck fight.


the guys shocked the world for god knows how many years that he can still compete at his age and ability. it shushed up the doubters and skeptics. for now anyways. the guy won't stop fighting until they find a way to ban him from fighting. thats the way i see it,


the guys kind of like an old honda civic with mileage. you think its on it's way out. you know its taken a beating, yet you drive the crap out of it expecting it to break down on the next road trip, only to find out that it's still going smooth and there's gas left in it


theres my analogy. i think the honda's been around the block and i would figure it's life is coming to an end, yet it never even stalls out on me when i bomb it up a hill.

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How many fights does he have left on his contract? I thought one more after this. If he loses tonight' date=' then he should fight Anderson Silva at LHW. If he wins tonight, let him try and retire as HW champ.[/quote']


That makes sense to me. At this point in his career, all of Randy's fights should be meaningful- I mean, there's no point in having him fight someone like Velasquez or Mir or Kongo after this. A win against anyone who's not a champ (unless they're a fellow legend like Nogueira) doesn't really mean anything, but even a loss against a champ still shows that at least Randy's got the heart to compete and try to be the best (which I've never doubted). I say give him the title shot against Brock if he wins, or let him drop down and try to take the belt from Machida or fight Anderson if he loses.

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