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Which will be the next title to change hands?


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Brock vs Carwin ... I agree with on MW contenders, I like all 3 too, I hope Nate wins tonight, I don't think that he's a better fighter neccessarily than Hendo, but I like his chances vs Silva based on his first performance more ... though logically based on the Hendo fight, you could see a little of how he might win, still needs to improve on that (not just the overall result lol) and I think Silva might be the kind to pick up on that.

I suppose what I want to discover is - is Anderson now a showboating fighter? I loved most of the Griffin fight when he was feeling out his opponent, looked like Anderson pre-UFC 91, methodical. So i'm just hoping that when (if) he gets into a real hard fight, that he doesn't lose because of any obvious showboating. It'd suck.


Sorry, this belongs in another thread.

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