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Weakest Card Since UFC 78


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While I live for UFC events I'm just not as pumped for 102 and 103. With no title fights and all four fighters in the main event and co main event coming off loses it made me wonder how the card compares to some of the weaker cards of the past couple years.


UFC 80 Rapid Fire: Headline fight - Penn vs Stevenson


UFC 89 Headline fight - Bisping vs Leben


UFC 78 Validation: Headline fight - Bisping vs Rashad


UFC 95 Headline fight - Sanchez vs Stevenson


UFC 93 Headline fight - Franklin vs Henderson

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u should've put a 'all of the above' button.


as far back as i've takin notice of, since 94 they all weren't worth half the ppv fee. including 100. hendo was the only good fight.


i just watched nick diaz vs. scott smith again. i would take that fight over the last year of ufc. ufc can blow me for years, i still would'nt pay for another ppv ever again.

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