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Kang on Bisping "he is just a sack of flesh and bones that I am waiting to pound on."


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Kang on Bisping: "I'm gonna beat his ****"

Denis Kang stated his intentions for Michael Bisping in graphic terms during a conversation with Fighters Only this weekend.


Confirming that he is meeting the British middleweight at UFC 105, Kang said the fight ?was something that I wanted and it was a really good coincidence that it was presented to me. I jumped at the opportunity as soon as it was put in front of me.?


Bisping goes into the bout off the first KO loss of his career, which Dan Henderson inflicted on him at UFC 100. An encouraging omen for Kang? Not according to him.


?I don?t care about that. I think I am gonna beat his **** anyway, whether he won his last fight or lost it,? he stated. ?He is a good fighter, he has got cardio and he knows how to win a fight. He knows how to ride the momentum, you know what I mean?


?I wouldn?t say he is a standout in any area but he is decent in all areas and he has a good head for the game, which can take you a long way.


?Its hard to predict at this point. Of course I always want to finish the fight but you know, he?s only got two losses and he went the distance with Rashad Evans. But I am going to go for the KO like Hendo!?


Bisping famously annoyed Henderson during their time as rival coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 9 and Hendo said that provided motivation for the fight. But for Kang the bout is strictly business.


?I don?t know him personally. He is ****y on TV but that could just be his television persona. I don?t make the fight personal at all,? he says.


?To me he is not ?****y Michael Bisping?, he is just a sack of flesh and bones across the Octagon that I am waiting to pound on.?

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****sping, ****sping ****sping....Exactly, kind of curious to see how he handles himself after getting knocked out in devastating fashion in his last fight. Some fighters that get knocked out like that never recover and are forever left as damaged goods, I can only hope, trash talking piece of ****sping!

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In the words of Borat..."very nice"... yeah, hopefully no more easy fights for poobing... I'm afraid though that they start padding him again after Kang kicks his @$$... He still means revenue for the UK UFC market. Then I'll have to continue listening to all these ****** bag fan boy poobing fans... but if they pad & build him again, I'll get to watch him get his @$$ kicked again when they give him decent fighters.... so I win either way.

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I would love to see Bisbing lose to Denis Kang. Bisbing is so annoying. Unfortunately' date=' he will probably beat Kang.




Kang is a *****! how dare he criticize the awesome BISPING! Bisping will beat Kang's ****! Watch.... when is this fight anyways?? ;);)


Kangy is highly overrated. The guy has massive holes in his game and slow reaction time in the ring. Bisping is going to hurt him. This is 100% for Bisping to win.


You three know nothing. Watch his PRIDE fights. Kang is a beast and used to be considered one of the best MiddleWeights in the world. Bisping has beat nobodies and lost to real competition.


As for angel.....you always seem to pick fighters based on looks. Put that aside for this one. Watching both guys fight and seeing who they've fought and matching their styles do you really think that Bisping is gonna win this one?


You guys need to get off Bispings Island already...lol....

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Think Bisping could win the fight. As long as he keeps it clean and doesn't spend all his time trash-talking' date=' I don't really care.


I'm more interested in the Hardy vs Kim match up.[/quote']

I'm torn up about the Hardy Kim fight. I really think Kim is one of the guys who could bring the eastern crowd back to fandom of the UFC, but he's still young and fresh and Dan Hardy is a monster who I believe will eclipse the accomplishments of his countryman "the Count". Kim is a dangerous guy, and he could impress here, but I sort of feel like whoever loses here is a big loss for MMA.

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