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The Intelligence of Sherdog Posters w/ related UFC Article


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Hope the titles catchy enough that someone would read this. Pretty funny stuff. Gotta love the.........Sherdogs. The kid even provides a link to the article. Normally I would never post a link to the Sherdog forums, in this instance I definately will. Feel free to laugh at them, the mod's would never be mad at this.


The title of the thread is:




"Jake Rosholt Bets (And wins) 60,000 on 102 Main event... risky biz?"


Is this a bad idea or illegal? Now he wasnt in the fight (obv) but being on the card, in the org and fighting a guy who knows Randy (Leben) could be a bad idea.


Personally IMO he did nothing wrong. But Sports Bet's are tricky if your an athlete. Aka Pete Rose betting on his team to win.


Now again, im not accusing Rosholt of anything, but is this a good idea to do? I wonder if hell face any backlash from Zuffa.


and the article is this:




UFC 102's Jake Rosholt had $60,000 riding on Couture-Nogueira outcome


As Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira slapped on a choke, torqued it and looked to tap out Randy Couture in the main event of this past Saturday's UFC 102 event, one guy was backstage yelling at the nearest monitor.


"No, no!" he pleaded. "Get out, Randy! Get out!"


Couture ultimately escaped, but unfortunately, he'd go on to suffer a unanimous-decision loss at Portland's Rose Garden Arena. But it didn't matter to that backstage supporter, who secured a cool $60,000 once the fight went to the judges' scorecards.


The windfall came to Jake Rosholt, whose arm-triangle choke of main-card opponent Chris Leben earned him UFC 102's "Submission of the Night" bonus.


None of the night's other nine bouts ended in submission, and Rosholt knew that if Couture and Nogueira could end their fight in any manner other than submission, he'd be the default choice.


"It was so stressful watching their fight," Rosholt joked on today's edition of MMAjunkie.com. "It was even more stressful than my own fight."


The middleweight, searching for his first UFC victory, entered his bout with Leben as an underdog. Despite his notable wrestling skills, which led him to three NCAA Division I national championships at Oklahoma State University, Rosholt had just one fight in the UFC, a submission loss to Dan Miller earlier this year. Leben, meanwhile, entered his 13th UFC fight and was looking for his ninth win overall in the octagon.


Rosholt, though, avoided Leben's heavy blows, showed his own improved stand-up game, and worked the fight to the ground when needed. There, early in the third round, he attempted to take Leben's back but ultimately secured an arm-triangle choke that left Leben unconscious to force the technical-submission stoppage.


"He always fights like that," Rosholt said. "He comes forward and throws hard, but he stayed a little more patient at the end than I thought he'd be. ... I think he was worried about being taken down."


While he ultimately ended the fight on the ground, Rosholt was able to use his opponent's fear of takedowns against him and inflict some damage while standing.


"I don't want to just rely on my wrestling," he said. "And I'm not going to have to. I keep getting more comfortable on my feet."


Rosholt said he was happily surprised by the professionalism and even camaraderie Leben showed him before and after UFC 102.


"Leben was nothing but classy the whole time," Rosholt said. "I have nothing bad to say about the guy. He was a complete class act."


In fact, the day after UFC 102, Rosholt met up with Leben in the hotel lobby before they departed for their respective flights. One topic of conversation was whether or not Leben tapped out during their pay-per-view-televised fight. The referee of the duo's bout, Yves Lavigne, has come under fire over that very topic.


Soon after Rosholt secured the choke, Leben took his own arm and moved it toward his opponent's body. While some say Leben was clearly tapping, others say he may have simply been trying to throw a punch, position himself or even just feel around for Rosholt's body. Regardless, Lavigne didn't stop the action immediately. But seconds later, when Leben was clearly out cold, the bout was halted. Some blamed Lavigne for a late stoppage.


Rosholt said he hasn't gone back to watch the fight, but he said Leben was, in fact, tapping out.


"I felt him tap," Rosholt said. "It was a tap. In the lobby (the next day), Leben even said, 'I tried to tap, but I think I went out after that.' ... I knew going into that fight, if I went into the position, he was going to have to go out because he doesn't tap."


However, Rosholt was quick to defend Lavigne from criticism. He said before the fight even began, the veteran referee spoke to both fighters backstage and said a single tap or two doesn't constitute a tap-out. Instead, Lavigne told them, they had to be clear about their intentions.


Rosholt said he agreed with Lavigne's thoughts.


"I'd rather go out and have him (a referee) make a mistake ... than have him stop it after just one tap or whatever," he said.

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Hahahahaha... talk about someone not comprehending what there reading.... how old was that kid? I am guessing 8 or 9, hahaha! (I'd go check myself, but every time I get near the shercrap forums, I succumb to wild laughter and break out in hives, all while sneezing my head off. As it turns out, I am severely allergic to B.S., yet it never ceases to crack me up, haha)

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This is why I love forums and this gem gave me a good laugh. Even compared Rosholt to Pete Rose. If you read the source article, it is literally impossible to misinterpret what the author was trying to say.


Pertaining to starting rumors, an even more amusing thing is there were several people who commented to the TS's thread without reading the source themselves, even after pages of people were getting a good laugh at the TS's expense.


Rule 1 - read your source if your going to post news.

Rule 2 - take a second to see what others have already said before commenting yourself. If not, you could be setting yourself up to look ignorant too.

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Update :( The thread has been deleted by Sherdog is if it never happened. That's a tragedy. Glad I at least copy/pasted it so it won't immediately be forgotten.
I just clicked on the link and was like "WTF?", then I just read your post and laughed. I've never been to Sherdog, but they seem like a bunch of imbeciles.
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