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McSweeney Vs. Shivers

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Almost forgot what did u guys think of Shivers never touching gloves with mcsweeny? i thought it was funny as hell. But when McSweeney got that guillotine in i thought it was over, props to shivers not tapping there, especially with only 13 secs left in the round.


And if someone gets injured and needs a replacement my vote goes to Shivers at this point he defenitely deserves it after getting screwed out of a win. but Shivers also showed great class in losing. he didn't make excuses or blame the judges at all least not publicly. LOL. But these guys definitely need to get in shape, the cardio has been just horrible. This season of TUF so far is bringing the series down big time, dana better hope the rest of this season steps it up. Anyone also notice they aren't really showing nothing from the house like they usually do?

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