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Machida Vs Shogun2 Should be free!???


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Dana should hold the rematch until next year

and throw it in as a free event on Spike

Just to simply shut the mouth of those who keep saying all this was planned for money...

I seriously didn't have sides for this fight.

But this next time if Shogun has learned something he should go balls out and aim for a knock out...dont risk it for another decision...in where everything is in the hands of horrible judges...still no sides for the rematch!

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your thread title is an emphatic question.


its like you are saying you are surprised by the idea that the fight should be free and are questioning wether it is a good idea or not.



your punctuation in the title infers a different idea then your thread states.






Fukcin hilarious!

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Regardless of whenever and wherever the re-match takes place we're in for one hell of a fight!

I hope to see both fighters going into the fight willing to throw punches and kicks from the first bell. I have a feeling Machida will try his best to work in a bit of grappling and trips too in order to try and minimise Shogun's devastating kicks!

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