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Machida vs Shogun Opinions


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I actually thought it was a close fight. I personally gave round 1,2,3 to machida and 4,5 to rua. It looked like as the fight wore on machida showed signs of fatigue and rua looked more composed. Shogun was not robbed in this fight. He didn't woop machida's ****, he just landed some good shots, but so did machida. Shogun actually missed more strikes than machida did. I would like to see a rematch nevertheless. I was just curious to get other people's opinion on the fight. Thanks.

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Machida vs Shogun..UFC 104... well.. video speaks for itself.. Machida won 120%

cant believe he won' date=' fair was fair..

Machida booted the heck outta shogun,even in punches...that fight was a low graded one.. i feel it was lt was a well deserved victory,,!![/quote']


Fixed your post

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