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What champ will lose their belt first


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BJ- If he defeats Sanchez then it is probably safe to say he wont lose for a while since he will have pretty much cleaned out his weight class.

GSP- He has cleaned his out dont see his reign ending anytime soon.

Silva- Tough to say he can be beat, Belfort is the best chance.

Machida- This is my pick to lose first, he had one bad performance and still won whether controversial or not but the guy is undefeated.

Lesnar- Other then Carwin i dont think anybody right now can beat him. Cain Valazquez and Dos Antos will be pretty tough but Lesnar is a monstar and a freak. If he actually learns MMA i dont see him getting beat for a long time.

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i think no matter how much mma training lesnar gets, when the heat is on in the octagon he will always resort to the same stuff we have always seen out of him, try to get them down and maul them. plus nobody has really test his chin, or at least i dont think i have seen him take a decent shot to the head, and i got to be honest, i would love to see him knocked out, just to bring him back down to earth, and prove even to him, he is not this un-stoppable monster he is being made out ot be.




with all that being said, i think Carwin will knock him out, and take his belt, when they finally do meet.

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i think bj will loose his belt first..


There is not competition at ww so gsp is save there ...


Silva vs belford is a hard fight for silva but he is too experience so i dont see him loosing


machida - umm i dont think he ll make the same mistake against rua , and everytime he decided to be agresive he put silva against the fence


brock - He is a great fighter but he lack a lot of experience and that can play against him

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BJ- Name one area that diego could beat bj in. If bj losses his belt first it will be bj beating bj.

GSP- Now that he is afraid to strike I see him gnping contenders for a long time.

Anderson- I hope vitor ko's him but my money is on anderson dominating as long as he is with the ufc.

Machida- Obviously shogun is a huge threat but other than him machida has beaten most of the current contenders.

Brock- Carwin will expose his horrid stand up game and put him to sleep.



My vote is brock

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Sanchez is too hungry & pumped for BJ. BJ will come out hard but Sanchez will put him away. TKO RD3. BJ's belt will go first.


GSP - Unstopable if mind in right place.


Silva - Depends which Belfort turns up to fight but Silva safe.


Machida - 50/50. He seemed blown away by Shoguns style. Could go either way.


Brock - Only has his belt on size & strength. Not skill. A nice knee to his face or a juicy bloody cut will tell all.

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