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top contenders?


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it does not seem like eather of the fighters that fought tonight can even fight for one round.


how can they b expected to b a top heavyweight contender?


they both seemed to have gotten gassed by the end of the first round.


the second round was more exciting ill give u that. I juist dont see eather of them being great without alot of training.


Also Dana was acting like the fight was like great. I dont agree. what is ur opinion?


also ( i kno we have said this b4) but it seems like all the episodes are sooo hyped up 2 b great and they all seem to b actuall pretty bad. u agree?


And dana said they were throwing bombs. i dont agree with that at all.


also who u think won that fight?

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definetly not contenders at all. and the fight was the best yet. still sucked though. dana, idk what he was thinking. maybe he had a bad view or didnt have his contacts in if he wears them. they were putting everything into there punches but they didnt have anything to put in them if you get what im saying. ya those guys suck pretty bad. i think schuab will take it and then move to 205

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