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Skaters of the Not so Old School


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OK so let this be a place where people who skate or used to skate or want to get into skating can talk about: what else but Skating.


I personally haven’t spent much time on a board since I enlisted because I am just too busy, Getting married and being a Dad now make it even more scarce, but time warp back 6 years and I was pretty good for an amateur.


Best Flat land trick: nolly F/S Bigspin to switch manual.


Best Flip trick: Casperflip bigspin.


Best Grind: Nolly 5-0 180 out.


Best Oldschool: 540 Boneless Finger Flip or Anti Casper 720 double flip out (always luck when I can do it)


Worst Injuries Skating: right testicular spillage, 3 cracked ribs, Rebar shoved through left chin (got a fiberglass support disk built into the hole now), complete severance of all connective tissue in my right knee. (if you want more explanation for any of these let me know).


Lastly if your a tony hawk playing poser you can still post here but don’t be frontin with your BS.

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lol testicle spillage i was a sometime skater but i was never very good just basic 180.s and grinds on a half pipe ' date=' nollys etc on the street noffin fantastic ;p[/quote']


The spillage occured when I tried to BS lipslide UP a slant rail, the very top of the rail had a little gouge in it and when I bailed off the board I racked myself and also slid up and off the rail slicing my sack pretty good and the nutt just poped right out. Got to the hospital and they had to use forceps to hold the hole open (as the scrote got all shrivled up) and put the nutt back in it, then I got 15 stitches and was immobilized for a few weeks as my left one was the size of my fist.

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you skaters are nuts:D Do you still skate??? I know i wouldent if i almost lost a nut.... but i guess thats why we have two:p


I still have both nuts, Even was able to knock up my wife! I skate as much as I can, its hard to get back into after a long break, its nothing like a bike, once you stop practicing you skills go quick and come back pretty slow.

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