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is ufc 106 fight card final ?


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About time they out Johnson up against some top-tier competition.


Great fight, but i'm going with Johnson by KO or TKO


This fight will be putting one of them one or two fights closer to a title shot.


Winner of Kos/Johnson vs loser of Swick/Hardy


Winner of Swick/Hardy vs GSP


Sounds good to me.

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I agree with Biohazard's match ups.Though I personally dont see Koscheck or Johnson facing GSP anytime soon.Both fighters have flaws and definently need to step their game up a notch to take him on.


The only person I really think has a shot at GSP is Mike Swick.

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I had read earlier that Rogerio Noguiera was going to make his UFC debut at 106, I think it was against Luiz Cane but not sure. But his fight is listed on the fight card at UFC web site. Anybody know anything about that?


I also think the card is weak. Seeing Rogerio make his debut would certainly help it out for me.


While I'm asking ... I had also read a rumor the UFC had signed Rolles Gracie but he's not listed among their fighters on web site. Anybody have an update on that?


It would be nice if they could find a couple heavyweights that don't have to worry about cutting weight to volunteer to take a fight on short notice for that 106 card too. Rolles debut would be awesome as well.

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