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An open letter to Dana White on why TUF10 sucks


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Dear Dana,


I have been quite disgusted with the TUF10 product thus far. What was once an exciting and compelling show has turned to garbage. I beg you please fix this so I can tune into TUF11 without throwing up in my mouth every Wednesday night.


My problems with TUF10 are outlined below:


The editing of this season has been horrible. Watching grown men talk smack to one another is not good television. It gives MMA a bad rap, which is the very thing you have been striving to fight/reverse. Where is the respect, the honor? Rampage and Rashad barking does not interest me, if I wanna see that sort of thing I'll go rent Eight Mile. At least B Rabbit runs good smack....


And then there is the footage of the guys hanging out at the house. Simply put, it has been horrible. The original TUF's were interesting because you showed the human side of guys. We got to know them as people, not fighters. I'm not asking for more Josh Haynes crying his eyes out, but please give us something besides guys picking on someone like this is freaking junior high! The ninja thing was somewhat humerous, but otherwise Sims comes across as a big dumb jock, again, the very reputation you've been striving to reverse.


What is going on with guys gassing? Are you training them too hard and too often before their fights, or do these guys just suck? The Mitrione/Junk fight last night was the worst yet. I am not kidding you, I don't want to see two guys throw trash at one another, walking around the ring with their hands on their hips. Both of them wanted to quit. It was pathetic, absolutely pathetic.....


So please fire someone on the production crew and hire me. No more stupid crap about dude's "*******." Enough of the countdown until "someone snaps." This is by far the least interesting crew of fighters ever and I blame whomever selected them to be on the show in the first place.


We want more Kos turning the hose on Leben

Dude spooging on guy's sushi

or peeing in the fruit platter


How about when Lawlor knocked guy out! That was hilarious!!!


Or the brawl between Sims and Thomas...


But this TUF10 crap is pure garbage. The reality TV aspect of it is terrible, only to be outdone by the less than mediocre fights. I can find this in any 8th grade locker room across America. It's not even high school level stuff, it's worse...




One disgusted MMA fan

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I have to agree this season blows, that fight last night was not exciting at all Scott Junk was the favorite and more experienced yet he had no cardio whatsoever and he got his **** handed to him by an unmotivated ex NFL player who seemed to have spent most of his time there coming up with excuses not to train than to train. His cardio should have been the best seeing as he is on Rashads team and they train with Greg Jackson one of the best MMA Trainers to date, all of his fighters have excellent cardio so tell me is this really a season for "Heavyweights" plural or just ONE in General, This show should have been called The Ultimate Fighter: Kimbos Big Shot. This is ridiculous, I tune in Wednesday to see if one of Rampages guys will pull their heads out of their asses and man up to Rampage and his Coaches and let them know that they aren't doing something right no team on TUF should ever get a clean sweep. To me the UFC is trying so hard to make things interesting they are missing out on the big picture, TALENT if you don't have that then you start loosing fans. Its not just this show that’s doing damage its everything culminating as one big F-up Refs early stoppages, bad calls by the judges and DANA basing this TV show on Rivalries yeah Coaches who hate each other make for good Drama but this isn't a soap opera its The ULTIMATE FIGHTER when you start to focus more on the drama between coaches and the drunk idiots that they provide alcohol to then you loose focus on what the show is really about. Some things in the UFC need to change or I feel that they are going to start loosing fans to other promotions Like "I hate to say it but" Strikeforce. Sorry to make this so long but this is making me angry and I have to voice my opinion, and just maybe someone of importance might here me.

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You can forget about honor, respect, and whatever else you think these fighters and Dana should do to represent MMA.


TUF is TELEVISION and is marketed to make MONEY in todays MTV short attention span viewing audience.


The producers are going to package this show just like the rest of the crap you see on the tele. If they didn't, then they could NOT sell advertising and it would end up costing them money which is not good for their wallets.


It is basically a big time waster and you would be better off reading a good book instead.

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One thing that gets me is when the following week's episode is being announced as the best episode to date or the best fight, etc... I remember when Kimbo was going to fight and that episode was all hyped up, but then when it aired I was really dissappointed. Same thing with last night's fight, a lot of hype being advertised but the fight sucked, I mean the fighter's perfomance. They were gassed out and were slapping each other, maybe it looked better live, but I almost changed the channel. I have been watching every episode since season 1 and this is the worst. There are only a few poeple that show heart in this season, even with the coaches. I was never really a Rashad fan, but I am now. I used to like Quinton, but now I don't because if his attitude on the show. Is he acting or is it 100% authentic, like that idiot Juni Browning? Please tell me it is fake reality, perhaps I can give Quinton a second chance. I have always wanted to meet him, becuase of his personality that he has displayed and lack of smack talk. What ever you, please do not destroy Wanderlei Silva or Anderson Silva by making them coaches on the show and having them portray someone they are not. One day, just one day, I would love to meet them and just shake their hands, they are really great fighters and their attitudes are down to earth, same goes for GSP, Forrest, Hughes and Couture to name a few. Perhaps I do not like trash talkers all that much, but they send out a great message to the younger generations of fans and aspiring fighters.

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well said! i totally agree it suck this season.


however, the show is no longer dana tryin to promote UFC or MMA. it become $$$$$$$$$$ now! the first UF show was to promote or at least get UFC out there so everyone can see fighers r human being too, how thye train and all...but shows after that just become $$. especailly this one! all HW suck @$$! i dun get how they gased toward end of the FIRST ROUND! not just one of two fighters but most of them! and how dana put kimbo at the show, just show that dana just want ppl to watch his show...sigh so sad

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dude get your head out of the booty. you just went on a bloody rant to protect the identity of the sport and how this season hasn't done it, yet you want more ***** on sushi? more idiots thinking they have a chin and actually having another fighter knock them out like that on national tv? peeing in a fruit platter? you were probably a Junie Browning fan weren't you?

THAT is friggen high school crap and isn't the type of promotion that makes people think fighters aren't animals. IMO you're just disapointed that green horn heavyweights can't make a fast paced fight like the lightweights would.

the season was taped BEFORE the droped fight between Rashad and Rampage so quit crying over it.

and if you don't think any of the past seasons have been edited to show something more then it was or less, or that other reality tv shows arent doing it, then you need a reality check, ironic.


if you're so pissed at this TUF10 season why'd you say you watch it every wednesday? attention please anyone? you got it.

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I couldn't agree more, although my biggest complaint is with respect to the lack talent of the fighters this season. It's really pathetic and to make matters worse, there was the footage of Dana last night raving about how great the fight was. ARE YOU KIDDING ME DANA??? Everyone I've spoken to was laughing out loud at how poor the fight was and how gassed both fighters were. And is it me or was Junk (with all his tough guy talk) going turtle every time Mitrione through a punch at him in the first round?? Dana, I don't know who picked this group of amateurs, BUT YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. For all the smack you've talked about Kimbo, is this the best group of heavyweights you could come up with? In all the gyms in the U.S. and elsewhere? I'm sure I've got at least 5 buddies who I think could win the series if only they gained 40 pounds. For the sake of the survival of the show which I've always been a big fan of, I really hope things get better cause this is a complete waste of time every Wednesday night.

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OK so I follow this site and everything UFC and I have done so for years, but until now I never had a real reason to sign up and take part in the blogging that goes on here BUT when this season of TUF gets super hyped up saying "the best season ever" and then we see these fights that lack any real skill or conditioning, I think it takes away from the show and will help critics pick it apart for being just a realitiy show with no actuall prospects to actually fight with any sucess in the UFC.

If this was the first season of the show it would have flopped on its face, so far the best part of the season is when rampage ripped the door down. I am a firm believer that these guys should have had to fight to get on the show like previous seasons, and there should never be another heavyweights only competition.

When this comes down to the last fight I believe it will be just as dissapointing as the whole season has been..... if that last fight was the most explosive fight of the season than I am truely dissapointed with the decision to air the season and not start from scratch with a diffrent group of competators.


After many years of faithfully watching the TUF competition I won't be tuneing in next week for the first time since its very beggining. Maybe next season will be better thought out.

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