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Incredible Hulk Haiku


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Since everyone liked the Haiku forum I thought I?d post some really good ones from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.


They are all from the Incredible Hulk and entitled Hulk-us:


Eating hard for Hulk

So many things fit in mouth

How to know what?s food


Breaking can be good

Vending machine want Quarters

So Hulk break twenty


Hulk strongest there is

Him not listen to dumb frog

It easy being green


Stark sends Hulk to Space

But Hulk come back very mad

Moon not made of cheese


World have mysteries

Like why sky blue answers hard

Smashing easier


Hulk want hug kitties

But they so easy to squish

Hulk live in cruel world


Hulk likes Wolverine

Logan fix self when broken

Hulk needs friends like that


And my favorite because of the Fight club reference:


Hulk join awesome club

And first rule is you don?t talk

Oops Hulk break first rule

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