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11/7- "Silva vs Werdum" .. plus event odds


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"Bigfoot vs. Vai-Cavalo"

Antonio Silva(13-1) returns to face Werdum(12-4) on the Srikeforce card after some drug-test controversy . In their last match, Junior ATC'd Jim York in the 1st round 9/23 (Sengoku) & Werdum guillotined Mike Kyle in the 1st round 8/15 (Strikeforce) . This is a quality match-up & its free remember ! This card is hot & who would have guessed Emelianenko would be fighting at the Sears Centre in Illinois ? .. :eek:


Brasileiro (+135)

Werdum (-165)


Fedor (-500)

Rogers (+350)


Shields (-300)

Miller (+220)


Mousasi (-500)

Sokoudjou (+350)

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