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What fights would you like to see in each divsion?


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Tha Fights Id like to see in each division are:

HW: Dos Santos/Velasquez

LHW: Evans/Franklin

MW: Marquardt/Hendo

WW: Kos/Davis

LW: Escudero/Diaz or Joe Daddy/Maynard

What would you guys want to see?


HW Lesnar v Nog (some-one who can handle brock on the deck)

LHW Silva v Machida (Lets see how friendly they really are)

MW Marquadt v Wanderlei (WAR)

WW GSP v Rumble (interesting)

LW Sanchez v Penn - (can't wait for it at 105 could be all time classic)

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Title Fights

Heavyweight- Minotauro vs. Lesnar

Light Heavyweight- Rampage vs. Machida

Middleweight- A. Silva vs. Hendo

Welterweight- Rumble vs. Rush

Lightweight- Penn vs. Pellegrino


Other Fights

Heavyweight- Dos Santos vs. Carwin, Velasquez vs. Carwin, Minotauro vs. Mir II, Kongo vs. Dos Santos

Light Heavyweight- Rampage vs. Evans, Jones vs. Franklin, Bader vs. W. Silva, Forrest vs. Evans II, Couture vs. Ortiz II

Middleweight- Maia vs. Quarry II, Marquardt vs. Bisping

Welterweight- Swick vs. Fitch, Hazelett vs. P. Thiago, Daley vs. Davis

Lightweight- Diaz vs. Maynard, Sanchez vs. Sherk, Guida vs. Fisher

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