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Rashad v Rampage: UFC Bragging Rights


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With all the trash talk between these two, who do you think has the most impressive record in UFC between the 2 coaches?




Win - Brad Imes - Split Decision

Win - Sam Hoger - Split Decision

Win - Stephan Bonnar - Majority Decision

Win - Jason Lambert - KO (punches)

Win - Sean Salmon - KO (head Kick)

Draw - Tito Ortiz

Win - Michael Bisping - Split Decision

Win - Chuck Liddell - KO (punch)

Win - Forest Griffin - TKO (punches)

Loss - Lyoto Machida - KO (punches)




Win - Marvin Eastman - KO (punches)

Win - Chuck Liddell - KO (punches)

Win - Dan Henderson - Unanimous Decision

Loss - Forrest Griffin - Unanimous Decision

Win - Wanderlei Silva - KO (punch)

Win - Keith Jardine - Unanimous Decision


Obviously Rashad (13-1-1) has fought more fights in UFC, while Rampage (30-7) has fought more fights alltogether. But imo Rampage has fought slightly tougher opponents. I would love to see Rashad v Wanderlei one day. But who has the most bragging rights between the 2 fighters?

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