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Favorite Fights


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First we'll start with...

1) Favorite Title Fight

2) Favorite Non Title Fight

3) Favorite TUF Final Fight


Mine being....

1) UFC 91 Couture vs. Lesnar/ UFC 100 Lesnar vs. mir 2/ GSP vs. Fitch

2) hmm maybe Sanchez vs. Guida or Couture vs. Nogueira can't think of any others atm

3) don't have any fav tuf finals but maybe Wilks vs. Johnson or Bonnar vs. Griffin


Probably forgot some of my favs but those are some

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Favorite title fight: Emilianenko vs. Mark Hunt. Hunt almost had him with a kimura twice. Too bad he didn't do it right. Then, Fedor comes back and wins via kimura. Classic :D.


Favorite non-title fight: I really liked the Couture-Nogueira fight. Randy must breathe through his belly button.


Favorite TUF fight: has to be Forrest-Bonnar. No contest for me.

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+1 .. Emelianenko vs Randleman also


Everyone talks about the Rampage-Arona slam, but I think this might be up there with the most painful looking slams I've ever seen. I think Fedor might actually be a robot... :confused:. No one should be able to be thrown onto their head like that, and 30 seconds later, looking completely unscathed, submit their opponent. The guy never shows any emotion lol.

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