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Lil Nog vs Cane


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Why do they seem to make a point of pitting fighters that I don't want to see lose' date=' against each other? Damn you..I'll go with Cane, but I'm very interested to see how Lil' Nog will do in his debut.[/quote']


The same thing happens to me everytime too! Vera/Couture, Maia/Marquardt, Mir/Kongo, Fitch/Alves II, Sherk/Griffin. The list goes on and in the end I always lose...

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Please tell me this fight was added to 106. 106 fight card needs serious help and star power!


.. don't think its official ? I would like to see both Nogueiras' on the same card eventually .

This is Rogerio's first cage-attempt but I think he will open as the favorite off his 17-3 rec.,

He lost a UD to Shogun in '05 & he was KO'd flat in 23 sec.1st round by the "African Assassin" in '07, his other loss was a UD to Matyushenko which he recently avenged w/ a knee-KO (that is Nog's only straight KO) .

Banha's 10-1 (8 T-KO) rec. is shallow, he TKO'd the "African Assassin" late in the 2nd rd.'08 & the loss was a DQ ground-knee to the head- Irvin '07 .

I am a Banha fan but you can make the case he is over-rated at this point & the odds should be decent, .. I will back Cane, youth-power & rognogs'1st cage-match .

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Should be a great match-up. Have not seen Lil' Nog fight live before' date=' looking forward to it. Does he have a similar style and skill-set as his brother?[/quote']


Antonio Rogerio Nogueira :

4 t-ko's

6 submissions

7 decisions


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira :

2 t-ko's

20 submissions

10 decisions

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