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dystopia up in the HIZZY!


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post your prefered dystopian fantasy.


here is mine.


humanity secumbs to a plague of govt created nano robots causing aids like symptoms and extreme genital infections. mass deaths are prevalent across the board. young and old, rich and poor, white and other.


this causes mass hysteria which opens the doors for an infestation of zombie robots.


in what seems to be the twilight of humanitys short reign, god sends an army of angels to earth who upon arrival immediately shed their old feathers in exchange for new more powerfull ones. the old feathers are mixed with quicksilver in a process of alloy ionization and used to make weaponry to be used against the zombie robots.


the human resistance now has the upper hand and cuts through the titanium undead hoards as if their reinforced exosceletons were made of soft delicious butter, or quite possibly soft delicious "I cant believe its not butter".


allas, they forgot about the whole nano infection robo aids plague...... and humanity falls.



also..... if it isnt zombie robots it most definitely WILL be nazi UFO's.

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