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Kimbo Slice ?????????


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Fella's we all know kimbo won't make a run for the title in watever weight class due to his lack of a ground game. So unless he ends up finishin his next couple fights via submission or has a take down defense out of this world. IT WONT HAPPEN. So We all kno why Dana White signed him, stand up fights. Take the houston alexander fight that could potentially happen they gonna stand up and bang till someone hits the mat. You cant honestly say that If Kimbo was gonna have a fight with a stand up fighter that u wont watch. I sure will, so let this take its course y'all gotta remember he's new to this and got thrown into ******** promo's after a few years of training. i personally dont expect him to start takin people down and workin some new found ground game i dont care if he train with American Top Team He Gonna Stand up And Bang For the Fans. I want to watch.



Fav Fighters




Miguel Torres

Mike Brown

Jose Aldo


Jon Fitch

Rumble Johnson


Fedor "The King"

Diego Sanchez

Travis Wynn

Demetrius Lindsey

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He is either going to idle or just fade away. I don't really see him rising. He did earn respect from me by going into the TUF show. Granted he didn't do so well, but we have to give him credit that when he steps in to fight, he actually steps in to fight. He brings the best that he has to every match he is in. I guess we will have to see what happens.

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Kimbo is too old to start learning BJJ. At the end of the dya' date=' he's just not that good. His stand-up is above average, but he has no shot at beating any of the above average HW in UFC.[/quote']


I dont think he should even learn ALOT of BJJ. He should learn ALOT of wrestling. In order to improve takedown defence. And should also learn a really good scramble to get back to his feet if he does get taken down. However, i dont think this will be too much of an issue, the UFC will choose his fights perfectly. Fights he can win. Stand up fights.

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Most people in every weight group have little or no chance at a title. The UFC is still responsible for some form of entertainment in order to reap the disposable income of people, such as myself. The UFC put Alexander up against two BJJ black belts and the rest is history. He was also the recipient of one of the fasted knockouts ever, at 8 seconds. Kimbo is really just a larger version of Alexander; both have good punches and questionable ability to take a solid punch. This match could very well be the best 23 seconds in MMA history!! I'd pay to see it.

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