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lmao the mods r fans of machida


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a certain mod called g row closed my thread because i offended ppl so here it goes a continuation of what i said without the offense:


all i here on here is bunch of machida (offense:"rainbow loving ppl"lmao!) and cry babies , stop writing this and don't say that, and you keep repeating yourself, just to inform you i was the first to write on these threads about lyotos extensive damage, second no one denies that the judges gave the fight to machida and that he is still the ufc lhw champ, we're all just saying he doesn't deserve it not by a long shot and the ppl still crying about and saying "get over it rua lost" he may not have the belt but as for the moment ide say about 90% of the ufc fans see him as the lhw champ... i dont see machida winning the rematch, he is scared i mean wouldn't you be after the world keeps telling you you lost and that you shouldn't be the champ. i mean he's been beat morally and physically and rua is fine. i doubt he will officially accept a rematch,or if he can even fight. i see him retiring and staying undefeated...lmao

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G is a fair and consistent mod. I've tip-toed the line with him a couple of times, but he's fair and down to earth. If he removed your thread, it's because it was littered with grammatical errors, erroneous claims, and uncalled flaming. Okay, maybe not grammar, but the other two.


I'm down with G-Row.

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Straight from the rules all agreed on when signing up....


If you would like to start a new thread, please take the time to see if there is already a thread started for that topic. Duplicate threads will be locked and the original will remain."

Now, there were 500 threads on this the night of the fight. We merged and deleted the majority. Then we gave everyone almost a week to speak their minds. Now we are closing threads on this subject simply because there are plenty left to voice your opinion. We do not need 500 threads on the same subject.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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