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UFC 106 is a joke card


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UFC 106 is the worst card in a good while' date=' its barely up to fight night status. Please add another fight the fans want to see/care about.[/quote']


I unofficially add myself to the card as the main fight, my opponent shall be..




the deadly, Baby Panda! ( picture of baby panda practicing his arm bar )


You're welcome.

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... not sure if its official yet' date=' but "Rogerio vs Banha" is a ripper, Rognogs 1st cage match w/ Rodrigo in his corner, casual fans that have had a too many brewskys will think they're seeing double .[/quote']


Nice, they better confirm this or I'm blaming you. :) Nothing wrong with #106, I'm happy to see Ortiz back, Kos vs Rumble will be KOTN, and I want to see Sotiropoulos Vs. Dent also.

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