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UFC 106: Dana says refunds given


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I was just reading the L.A. Times article below and the highlighted part shows where Dana White says refunds will be given to anyone who wants them. Anyone had any luck through TicketMaster yet?





Lesnar sick, out of UFC 106

October 26, 2009 | 3:07 pm


Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar is sick and has pulled out of his scheduled UFC 106 title defense against Shane Carwin, Yahoo Sports first reported Monday.


Fabforum A rematch of the memorable 2006 light-heavyweight bout between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin has been inserted into the Lesnar-Carwin main-event spot on Nov. 21 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.


(UPDATE Monday, 9:30 p.m.:) Lesnar has apparently been sick for more than three weeks, missing training, UFC President Dana White told The Times Monday night.


White said he'd like to schedule the Lesnar-Carwin match for Jan. 2 on a card that will feature a middleweight title bout between champion Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, but will wait until Lesnar returns to full health.


White said that he doesn't have enough time to place another fight in the Lesnar-Carwin hole. When told some UFC fans were decrying the Ortiz-Griffin bout as the UFC 106 main event on the company's web site, White said those who seek a refund for tickets purchased can get one.


"If you don't want to watch the fight, don't watch, but it's an interesting fight," White said. "What do these guys have left? I think they both have something to prove, and want to prove it.


"Forrest was down for looking bad against Silva, but I told him, 'Who's looked good against Anderson? Ever?' This is going to be a good fight."


--Lance Pugmire

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so i guess they do read this forum .. interesting







From: Beth Turnbull


The UFC has authorized Ticketmaster to issue a refund. Please contact them directly.

Thanks! Beth


Beth Turnbull Marketing Manager

Ultimate Fighting Championship




Its another sunny day for fans who hate every fighter on that card...........


I love Beth Turnbull


Really what does she look like???

Im into Brunettes' date=' Brown-haired, and some Red Head Ladies..........


I am but I still love Beth Turnbull... and it's ok, my wife loves Beth as much as me.


Hmmmm Really!!!

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Im just shocked by this Brewster!!!!!


Are these fans of UFC or Not?


They are asking for refunds just cos of Lesnar/Carwin pulling out of the fight.

What happened to the die hard fans of UFC?


thank you caveman it seems like everybody wants a card like UFC 100 over and over. i think this card is good not fantastic or great but u have good fighter on there and well known fight there are two TUF winner on there(Kendall Grove and Amir Sadollah) Karo Parisyan return and Kos vs rumble......whats the deal!?I'll be watching!

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The cancellation was so close to fight day you really can't blame UFC for not being able to come up with another match. But I can also understand people who bought the tickets for the main event being a little disappointed. I'm only paying 45 bucks to watch PPV which still seems like a good price for me but if I paid a few hundred for tickets plus air fare to vegas and hotel I might not see it the same way.

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Anyone have success getting a refund from Ticketmaster?


Tried again today 11/4 but they said:


At this time, we have not received official word from the promoter that the event has been canceled. When we receive confirmation that the event has been cancelled, and that refunds will be issued, we will post the information immediately on our website. We are currently working with the promoter to obtain this information. Please keep visiting our website for new updates. We regret any inconvenience this delay causes.


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