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Darrill and Zak talk about Rampage losing 7 of 8 fights


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This was taken from http://www.thefightnerd.com/tuf-times-8-s10/


Q: Does Rampage have any right to feel bad about his team losing seven out of eight fights when he has repeatedly said he is not a coach?


DS: That?s just a cop out. You went into the show knowing you are going to be a coach and help these guys out, it?s just a cop out.


ZJ: I think it shows he does care about the fighters. He does hate losing and I get that he is not a coach but he does not have to keep saying it over and over. It is almost like he is telling himself he is not. Rampage told me about the rule of attraction. He said if you say something negative, negative things will happen say positive things positive things will happen. I think he should use his own advice and say ? I am a coach, I am a coach.? And hey, maybe he will be one. All joking aside, he is a great fighter and a great guy, I hope we will all get to see him in the cage again.


You can read more from Zak and Darrill including their thoughts on the fight, more about Matt and Scott after their brawl, and other house drama at http://www.thefightnerd.com/tuf-times-8-s10/

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