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anybody enjoying tuf 10


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Is anyone really thing the heavyweights in this season of tuf are very good.

I have not seen to much talent. Big Baby had a good sequence of submission attempts,

but looks open on his feet. Rashad and rampage have made it a bit interesting I am re-thinking my opinion of Rashad because he has shown some class. Rampage is a huge

dissappointment this season. His attitude and comments are un-professional. He sure

cannot judge talent. Just thinkin.

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I'm liking it, I think these quarter-final match ups are going to be pretty exciting since almost all these guys finished there opponents and quickly. It should be pretty interesting. I was also so impressed with Matt Mitrione that guy has a solid chin and power. I think he could be a force to be reckoned with, if he gets better stamina and works alot on his striking.

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