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MMA Fighters.. And their Athlete Counterparts


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Lyoto Machida = Ichiro Suzuki - Both have perfected their craft. All around good at everything. Both hit for consistency, can make something out of nothing. While not power hitters, can knock a few out the park if they connect right. Both quick and out of the box before a defender can even react. Machida holds the record for being the least hit fighter in MMA history, Ichiro holds the single season hit record They're as consistent as one can get, Ichiro putting up 200+ base hit seasons, season in and season out, Machida winning fight after fight, year in and year out.


Anderson Silva = Ken Griffey Jr. - What can I say, 2 of the most naturally talented athletes to ever grace their sports. They were never involved in any steroid talks. They both do what they do, effortlessly. Griffey's swing, a thing of beauty, Anderson's ducking and dodging shots like he's bored and not even trying, something you can't truly appreciate until you see it in slow motion. They're both my 2 favorite athletes, so far ahead of the rest it's not even funny. It sucks Griffey got injured, because it'd have been cool to have seen where he would be right now if he didn't get injured for a good 4 seasons, and it'll be a shame if Anderson retires early, while he's still on top of his game, and we'll miss all the awesome match ups he could be involved in, and we could possibly be saying the same thing down the line, "What if?"


Fedor Emelianenko = Babe Ruth - Both naturally gifted. They both have a mystical aura about them that sets them apart from everyone else. They're not the most physically imposing competitors, but all around 2 of the most well rounded athletes in their respective sports. Babe could pitch and hit, not only HR's, but for average as well. Fedor has outstruck the most dangerous strikers MMA has had to offer killing them at their own game. He has outgrappled/submitted some of the best Jui Jitsu artists in the business. People have always doubted him saying he wouldn't strike with this fighter, he wont dare go to the ground with this fighter. The fight goes where Fedor wants the fight to go. Kind of like how Babe Ruth could point to the outfield bleachers and sure enough, hit one there. He could put it where he wanted it.


Brett Rogers = Ryan Howard - Both tall, big athletes. Heavy hitters. They may not be able to consistently make contact, but they make up for it with raw power. When one of their big swings land, it's likely going to knock it out the park, but for Rogers it's more than likely going to be a walk off.. That's pretty much what they look for when they go out there. It's go big or go home for them. Both Howard and Rogers swing with mean intent. Howard tries to kill a ball, Rogers tries to kill a head. But both have their weaknesses, and are voulnerable if you attack their weaknesses, and don't give them the chance to mount any real offense.


Shogun Rua = Alex Rodriguez - Shogun is a talented athlete. Though his UFC career has been clouded with accusations of using steroids. Not so much anymore, because he validated himself against Machida. But for the first 2 fights in his UFC career, people were chalking down his poor performances, as not being able to use performance enhancing drugs, because he's fighting in an ORG that has a drug testing policy in place. With Pride as with Baseball, it's hard to say who was and who wasn't doing steroids, so people assume everyone was doing them. Some fighters can't fight without them, but both A-Rod and Shogun have shown they can do it without them.


Mirko Cro Cop = Karl Malone - Great athletes, both one of the best of their times, especially in their primes, considered some of the best of all time, Hall of famer, atleast Cro Cop would be if MMA had a HOF.. Both great athletes of their respective sports, only thing holding them back are titles. They never won a championship. (I don't count Cro Cop's 06' OWGP win a championship belt. It had to have been for HW, he won an open weight GP.) They were so close, but so far on several occasions to obtaining those titles, but ultimately fell short.


Randy Couture = Brett Favre - Both extremely durable athletes. Though inconsistent at times, you know they're going to show up and give you their 100% every single time. Just when you say they have nothing left, their best is behind them, they need to stay retired, they come back and show us they still got it, a little more magic left to maybe make another run at it. While still giving us flashes of greatness that defines real competitors and true champions. Even though they both have nothing left to prove, they want to prove it to themselves that they can still compete at a high level. They both have got it made, it's not for the money, not for the fame, but for the love of the sport. They're a rare breed of athlete that only come along once in a lifetime.


Brock Lesnar = Brian Urlacher - It's kind of hard to compare an athlete to Brock, but this is all I could think of right now. They're both premier athletes, 2 of the most feared athletes in their respective sports. Both fast, hit with power and Built like MACK trucks. Brock's 6'3" 280 Urlacher is 6'4" 260. Both extremely popular athletes. As much as it sucks to say, Brock is the face of the UFC, the biggest draw in the business, Urlacher is the face of the Bears. Urlacher's Jersey sales have rivaled Favre's in the past. In terms of their sports, Brock is more popular to MMA, than Urlacher is to NFL. There's bigger stars in the NFL than Urlacher, but other than Chuck Liddell, I dont think there's anyone bigger than Brock right now. The numbers don't lie, and Brock will outdraw Chuck, even when Chuck decides to return.



If you have other MMA fighters you'd like to add, and who you compare them to, then post up. You don't have to add a synopsis if you dont want, you can simply put the names of the fighters and athletes you compare them to.


ie. Anthony "Rumble" Johnson - Lebron James.

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