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I've always had an issue with UFC homepage...prime example


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Fighter (Mobile) profiles...if you want to continue displaying profiles of past fighters...not that big a deal (not sure why you do it, but oh well). It can be attibuted to honoring that fighter after they're gone or pure laziness on the part of the webmaster (i think the latter, plus i like to keep my info updated). At the very least though make sure the fighters actually match up with their profiles. I didn't know Charles McCarthy and Tito Ortiz were the exact same person??? On more than a few profiles you would expect the wallpaper to show the fighter being profiled in a dominant position or at least in neutrality with the opponent (so as not to downgrade the fighter in the profile (altho some you cant help it...case and point Charles McCarthy himself), but I saw a lot of wallpapers where the main guy in the profile is on the receiving end of a blow or submission, or the opponent is in celebration. Nice way to uplift the guy in his profile i must say.

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