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As promised here you are folks. G_row as soon as you know about videos let me know as I would love to post Lawlor's entrance and I'm sure you all will want to see it after the description below. Enjoy guys! Photos up tomorrow.


1:30 p.m. Quick trip to the BK Lounge with my roommate since some coups just showed up in the mail. I felt awkward walking in there with a UFC sweatshirt on, then reminded myself that not only are they a sponsor but the preferred post-fight meal of Roy Nelson. Protein shakes are overrated to some I suppose :)


3:45 p.m. Traffic going into Virginia from Maryland was not bad. Anyone in the area knows this is actually relevant.


5:20 p.m. Got there right as doors opened, posed for a photo op and checked out the sweets, man this is sweet!


6:00 p.m. Prelims were pretty sweet and in my and my buddy?s opinion better than the main card. So let?s break these down for those who did not see.


Nick Catone vs Jesse Forbes ? A very evenly matched fight. There were some great exchanges and scrambles but no one was ever fully on the verge of defeat. Still a very nice way to start the night. Close fight but I had Catone winning and think the judges made the right call. That didn?t happen on the main card.


Gerald Harris vs John Salter ? Two guys that were either very nervous at first or just not very good. I am going with the latter and would be very surprised to see Salter back at all. The TKO victory, which sadly ended up being knock out of the night due to lackluster finishes, was one of the more pathetic attempts at ground and pound I have seen. Harris got the stoppage but the hammer fists were sloppy and did not seem to connect very hard. I was expecting Salter to protest and then I realized they actually hurt him. How I do not know, and the replays did not convince me otherwise. Not expecting any real major things from these guys in the future but it was a slightly entertaining finish in an otherwise lackluster fight.


Kyle Bradley vs Rafael dos Anjos ? Well this was a decently boring loser goes home fight. Bradley is much more suited to lesser competition and will probably be cut from the UFC after this loss. Dos Anjos is probably right behind him once he drops his next fight. Zzzzz, next.


Mike Guymon vs Rory MacDonald ? I was very excited to see MacDonald and he did not disappoint. There is a decent amount of hype surrounding this guy and it is well justified. He is known for his finishes and certainly provided it. Along with that, he has solid takedown defense and took a big punch and recovered nicely. This was a sweet first round finish and I have big hopes for MacDonald.


Thiago Tavares vs Nik Lentz ? Tavares is a freaking can and Lentz is a champ. For those wondering about this fight being a majority draw I will explain. Lentz got kicked in the nuts in the second round, pretty solid shot. Then it happened again with two or three minutes left in the fight, a more direct shot and that is when they took the point away. He was in BAD shape, coughed up blood and the doctors came in. Somehow they did not stop the fight but Lentz did not look the same after that. Everyone is the crowd booed Tavares as he put his hands up at the end of the fight. I really felt bad for Lentz but I suppose at least he didn?t lose after getting his junk smashed.


Rick Story vs Jesse Lennox ? 30-27, 30-27 and 28-28. Hmmmmm?yes this is a problem. Story dominated this fight in just about every aspect. The guy is just a fierce competitor and could have a great future in the division. He was very game, very tough and like I said just took the fight to Lennox no matter what happened. Story almost got caught in a triangle at one point but was able to power out of it. Really impressive showing here from him even though he did not get the finish. Majority decision on this one is B.S. as this is about as unanimous as can be.


Chris Leben vs Jay Silva ? Leben should write a book titled ?How to Obtain a Dominant Position and Not Finish A Fight.? This was the first time I have ever seen Leben fight for points. In the first round he had Silva is a body triangle for four minutes ? think Struve vs Buentello from 107 ? except Silva gave him his neck once and he still could not finish him with a rear naked choke. Ridiculous. Basically Leben took this fight to the ground, got to a mount, rained down some shots, transitioned/got shoved off and repeated. It had its action and Leben was in control the entire time and showed Leben fighting a safe fight. He lives to fight another day.


9:00 p.m. Main Card time! They show a pretty sweet highlight reel before the introduction. The anticipation was enhanced so much from it.


I will just do some general thoughts for the main card since you guys saw it. Keep in mind this is from a live perspective and I am yet to see the broadcast from Spike.


Amir Saddollah looked great. His striking has improved drastically. Cannot wait to see him again.


Tom Lawlor got robbed. I thought he took the first two rounds and most the crowd did as well. Not sure how they translated over tv but the boos when the decision was read were deafening. Anyway, Lawlor's entrance was absolutely incredible. He came out to the Real American song Hulk Hogan used, did the hand to the ear thing, threw his accessories into the crowd and even ripped off his t-shirt. THAT is how you make an entrance fun, goofy and entertaining and not come off like a d-bag (take notes Miller). Oh yeah, the fight. Lawlor got robbed.


Evan Dunham. Wow. Nasty submission. I think it was a dislocation not a break so that is good for Escudero. I was very impressed with Dunham here but also was amazed at how long Escudero took to tap. Helluva heart displayed by him. After the fight things were really bizarre. Escudero ran out which I figured was due to injury but then Dunham was quickly escorted out and did not even get a post-fight interview. I think they were really pressed on time because neither Maynard nor Diaz had a proper entrance, they were both practically in the octagon by the time the hype video finished. Time slot ran out I suppose.


Well if the UFC wanted to make a case for Frankie Edgar fighting BJ Penn as opposed to Maynard I think they have one, though quite frankly they are just fighting for a chance to be Penn?s next victim. What a weak main event. Maynard?s boxing was sloppy and if he would have used his straight punches like he did against Jim Miller it would have been lights out for Diaz. Diaz is seriously such a punk and did not do a thing in this fight except toss his hands up. A few shots go through but Maynard's hands were so low and he showed no respect for Diaz's skinny arms. How one judge said Diaz won two rounds is beyond me. Maybe one, maybe. Boring fight but it was all Maynard as far as I and most others in the crowd were concerned. After reading some posts here I really cannot wait to watch the broadcast and see this from different angles.


Alrighty folks, if you have made it this far congratulations and thank you for reading. While it was not the most exciting card ever I did enjoy my first live UFC experience. Keep in mind once again the perspective in this blog is from the live show and I have not seen the Spike broadcast, so if opinions differ that is most likely a reason why.


For those in the area, I heard on the radio that Dana White said the UFC is planning to bring a pay-per-view event to Washington D.C.?s Verizon Center either later this year or sometime in 2011 which is huge news. Cannot wait for that one. Pictures soon!

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if ppl didnt see the fight they basically didnt need to man haha i read bout half taht even though i seen it and ye amir sadollah cant wait to see him fight next , and tom lawlor and aaron simpson was a dissapointing match seens tom lawlor domianted simpson the first round and half teh second but aaron came back but not enough to win well i dnt think so

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