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thank you


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i know this isnt the forum for this' date=' but i keep seeing threads about how the marine banners shouldnt be at the top of the ufc page,and people mocking vets and such. so i just to thank you. active,inactive,vets etc. thanks for your sacrifice[/quote']


You're welcome... I find it rather sickening that these liberals saying these types of things are going after vets and the Armed Forces for their displeasure with government officials. I was a soldier for quite awhile and I can tell you that the average GI Joe, has nothing to do with the Presidents agenda or foreign policy. We're just following orders.

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Aweome... Just... Awesome. Thanks for the new sig. ;)


No problem dude' date=' you may not always support where the government sends the troops but you always support the troops none the less.


Damn that is a good one! No way you made that up on the spot but I have never heard that one.


Oh yeah, thanks to all our soldiers & all the soldiers from other countries for stepping up & doing a damn hard job. :)


Ya I read it awhile ago, but i don't want to say where lol.

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