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I believe this will be better than UFC Undisputed 2010 anyone agree?


EA can throw more money at it and have better designers etc.


well its going to have the benefit of coming out later than UFC 2009, so it will be better, and since UFC 2010 is just a new package on the same POS then yeah I think EA MMA will be better, but not by a great measure.


MMA games need to evolve more. the controls and mechanics are too choppy for my taste.

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Oh I forgot that you played UFC Undisputed 2010' date=' and know every single change they are planning on making.[/quote']


well i know as a fact they are using the same engine, which is the major flaw. most of the complaints people here had were cosmetic. more tattoos submissions career mode fighters.


who cares about the minor cosmetic stuff when the gameplay is so choppy.

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