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Question about teaching martial arts.


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I am currently a student for a Gracie-Barra gym and i am nearing my blue belt.


My question is about teaching martial arts to students on my own time who cannot afford the schools high costs and contractual agreements. I have had several persons approach me asking if i could teach them what i am learning at my school week to week.


I have been thinking about charging a low monthly fee of 35-40 dollars to teach these persons what i am learning as i go. They understand that i am not a master or qualified to teach but these are "interested and low income" people.



Would i need liability insurance to have a community center type "backyard teaching"?

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First off I have to warn you.


If anyone at Gracie-Barra finds out they will do one of two things.


1. Drop you from the school

2. Insist you no longer attempt to "teach"


So if that's a risk you are willing to take. Then that get's over that.


As for your qualifications. A Black Belt symbolizes that you have reached a level where you are capable of passing on that knowledge. A blue belt...not so much. It's one thing in class to help out people that are newer than you. It's entirely another to take someones training completely in your hands.


So..I think this is a case where you have to be really honest with yourself. Can you SAFELY teach people BJJ? Would the people learning from you actually get value for their dollar?


That kinda thing. Whatever you decide...best of luck to you man.





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