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Which form of Matial Arts..


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu... Since most of the ufc champions except lesnar all seem to have some sort of bjj base... Bj penn, anderson silva, lyoto machida and george st pierre are all black belts in bjj, even tho st pierre uses his wrestling it combines very well with his jiu jitsu...

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When the Gracie's came onto the scene, people thought they were using bloody magic to beat opponents.

You have to know enough BJJ to stop it, then again when Coleman came around you had to know enough wrestling if you were a Striker in Muay Thai, Karate or Boxing and didn't want to get taken down.


If there were no rules in mma as far as restrictions on techniques, then Sambo or Muay Thai would probably be the deadliest. The elbows of Muay Thai especially are furious, elbows and knees are the body's swords after all.


As far as the UFC goes though there isn't a clear style that stands out, majority of UFC fighters are Boxing and Wrestling combos

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