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Alain Ngalani


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I looked him up but couldnt find stats on him..only a fight with bob sapp..


Yeah...he beat Sapp.


His background is Muay Thai. Was a champion and he supposedly has black belts in multiple disciplines. But...who knows. I've seen him strike plenty..but I don't know if he has a ground game though if I remember correctly he claims to have a black belt in JJ and Judo.





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2006 Kuoshu All-Style Martial Arts World Champion

2004 Muay Thai World Champion, Thailand

2004 King's Birthday Cup runner-up, Thailand

2004 Hong Kong Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion (WMC)

2003 Guandong Province, China - King of Sanda

2003 Japan Cup Silver Medal - Heavyweight (WKKF)

2002-03 Hong Kong Koshiki Karatedo Heavyweight Champion (WKKF)

2002 Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion Surathani & Koh Samui- Thailand (WMC)

1998-01 Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion -Africa (FIKO)(UFABA)



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