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IS UFC 110 1 of the best fight card ever ?


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I really think that 110 is gonna be great just based on the names, and potential hype factor. It isnt near the Versus card for me though.


Guida v Sherk (Ive wanted this forever, and these guys could be back in the title picture if they win)

Howard v Johnson (a great fight just on breakthrough potential)

JDS v Gonzaga (Do I really need to give you a reason? Really?)

Vera v Jones (Jones is gonna show that he is the next phenom in MMA I think)


110 is not as good as this part of the card alone, but the hype is gonna make it watchable. Thats just me.

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Naa its by no means the best looking. Its better looking that some though. I'd give it an average rating visually, which doesnt mean anything. Just like 108 was starting to look terrible and was actually fairly entertaining, and ive seen cards that look great on paper be kinda a flop, so I try not to even care whos fighting til it happens. I do wanna see if Nog looks back in old form at all, his brother lookin so crisp with his standup makes me think they got somethin left to prove.

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109 is pretty lame.

110 is great. I just hope Wandy wins. If not his career is pretty much done.

111 is the best since 100. (2 title fights)

112 is starting to look stacked. (2 title fights)

113 will possibly be the best. (machida/shogun...Evans/Rampage)


youre gonna say 109 was a great card afterwards...just watch

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