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Conan is better than leno!!!


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putting aside who is better than the other for a minute... I cant believe NBC would pull this so quickly after putting conan in the slot... and the way they made the offer to jay before bascially talking to conan first is kinda crappy as it was jays show that was the major prob with the affiliates complaining about his ratings going into the news casts... and then they risk the fact that if he leaves or just stops doing a show they still have to pay him... I mean did they even think this out very long??

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and Letterman wishes he was funny enough just to be an intern on Conan.


Conan's hidden strings dance is funnier than anything Letterman and Leno have ever done in their lives. Conan is far and away the best late night host. It's not close. Plus Conan has the best segment in all of TV' date=' "If They Mated." Priceless.[/quote']


I guess I just enjoy intelligent humor over sophomoric fart jokes and grade school sight gags, but what do I know. At least Leno has a bad assed car collection!


Someone must be really old....


Ouch..Old maybe, but not REALLY old, that is going too far you dang ole whippersnapper!

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