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Seth Petruzelli opens up on Shamrock bout


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That's right, Kimbo Killer and UG badass Seth Petruzelli talked to us about his upcoming bout with Ken Shamrock, stating how "The World's Most Dangerous Man" could still be a threat.


He also talks about returning to the big promotions, making $$$ and that elusive Kimbo rematch....




Despite many thinking that Shamrock is past his prime, Petruzelli still sees him as a big threat. "I think he's a pretty significant threat," admitted 'The Silverback'. "If he's 'The World's Most Dangerous Man' as his nickname suggests, than he has to be the toughest guy in the world. No-one is more dangerous."



Check it out here:



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When ever I hear his name' date=' 2 things come to my mind;


His crap commentry in Strikeforce where he repeats himself over & over,

His face after Tito showed him how to use elbows.[/quote']


Funny but I can't help but think of him breaking Pat Smith's ankle at UFC 1, or beating up a 30 lb heavier Kimo, or fighting the Beast Dan Severn to a draw, or his fight in Japan when he dislocated the guys shoulder, how he actually beat Bas Ruten via ankle lock. But then I remember what a nozzle he turned out to be when coaching on TUF, and how he revealed what a complete moron loon he is once the microphones were turned on.


Don't belittle the guys accomplishments in MMA, he was America's best representative back in the days before the UFC circus came to town. He was the only American winning in Shootfighting in Japan before the UFC even existed. He's broken more bones than skateboarding.


Too bad he turned out to be clownshoes

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