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Brock Lesnar's Trainer Says He Will Return


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from the sounds of his trainer he'll def be back but it will be a slow road


i agree we should wait to hear it from him though .. nobody really has an answer and we'll def be able to tell better when he will most likely come back .. the press conference should last long enough to get a good idea on most the questions we have..

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I've been a Brock supporter but lack of info and dispersal of misinformation has me fed up with the situation.


This guy must not be so tough after all.


Jack Bauer has been shot, stabbed, sliced, drugged, electrocuted tortured, poisoned, diseased, gassed and nuked and he never quit. Not once. He never even took time off. C'mon.


Even Trace Atkins had half his colon removed one night after a show and went right back on tour.

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