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Would you like to see UFC Fight Nights in the UK?


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I think some Fight Nights in UK in between UFC events in London would be great, possibly at smaller venues like Nottingham or Liverpool arenas (8,000 seats) tickets would be alot less expensive than a UFC event so Dana and Joe Silva wouldnt have to twist arms trying to persuade some top tier fighters to step up for the main card at last minute(Couture/Vera ,Hugges/Alves), some of the Brit fighters could fight at the event (Etim, Hathaway, Pearson ,Winner etc) Im certain that with perhaps a solid main card it would sell out ,what do you guys think?

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I like the idea, but for time-zone reasons im not sure it would work.


The PPV's can atleast be viewed on weekends during the afternoon or night time when done in Ireland and UK(can't fully remember what times they ahve been shown here in CAN but its much earliar then the 10pm timeslot it normally is) so far.


The Fight Night's would have to be tape delayed for North American viewers and SpikeTV/theScore/Versus/Sportnet etc would have to change the timetable around, something that cannot be done without contraversy. it sounds stupid but thats just the way broadcast entertainment goes, certain things are only hits at certain times and they won't take the leap of faith to test it, even for one night.


Example being the whole fiasco between switching all the Late Night Tv shows such as Lenno, people went BONKERS and ratings have hurt

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