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Paul Daley on Koscheck: 'That Fraggle Is Going to Get Rocked'


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Any updates on the status of the fight?

No updates. We're juggling around a few dates at the moment. There's a few possibilities: I've heard quite a few things about April being a possible date in Abu Dhabi, [also] about possibly doing the first UK Fight Night here over in my hometown in Nottingham. I've heard May in Canada ... You know, I've heard a lot, but it's going to happen in the next few months if Fraggle Rock signs.


Do you have a preference?

I don't mind, man.


You don't care?

Nope. That Fraggle is definitely going to get rocked.


I feel compelled to ask your feelings on his hair.

Dude's a fraggle and he should really do something about that. Seriously. I know a good barber over here in Nottingham, if he wants me to sort him up.

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